March 17, 2016

EMT Class

To become an EMT with MIT EMS, you must be an MIT affiliate (undergrad, grad, staff, alumni, cross-registered student, etc.). You can apply for our EMT-B class, which is offered during every Independent Activities Period (IAP) in January.

We are not currently accepting applications. We generally accept applications beginning at the end of September until the end of October. Check back later for specific dates.

What, though, is an EMT?

An EMT, more formally known as an Emergency Medical Technician, handles issues in pre-hospital emergency medicine, including patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, bleeding control, bandaging, splinting, shock management, poison control, and extrication techniques.

The MIT EMS EMT-B course qualifies you for the National Registry and Massachusetts State EMT-B certification exams in the spring. Through lectures and outside reading, you will learn about physiology, medications, heart and lung conditions, and the effects of trauma and shock. In lab, you will learn how to splint broken bones, stabilize a patient to a backboard, perform assessments, administer CPR, and use all of the equipment on an ambulance.

The class meets every weekday during IAP (January) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM with a one-hour break for lunch. There will be several review sessions before the certification examinations take place in the spring.

If you are interested in padding your resume for employers, graduate schools, or medical schools, then this is NOT the class for you. EMT-B certification means nothing unless you actually work as an EMT. Becoming certified as an EMT-B but not utilizing your training will actually make you a less desirable candidate. However, working as an EMT is a very fulfilling experience, and after this course you will want to work on an ambulance as soon as possible!

If you are interested in getting a head start on your application, consider getting CPR certified and make sure you have a current Massachusetts driver's licence. Take a look at our calendar (at the bottom of our home page) for upcoming events such as CPR training courses and info sessions.

For more information about our EMT class please contact our Class Officer, or if you are already a certified EMT please contact our Human Resources Officer.