Executive Board


Sun, Grace

The Chief is responsible for overseeing the actions, performance, and medical care provided by MIT EMS. The Chief is also responsible for maintaining relations with the MIT Medical administration, Professional EMS, Cambridge Fire Department, MIT Police, Boston EMS, Medical Control, and any other external agency with which MIT EMS interacts.


Director of Ambulance Operations

Guo, Melody

The Director of Ambulance Operations (DAO) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the MIT ambulance and scheduling of standbys. The DAO is ultimately responsible for the status of the MIT ambulance, including maintenance, equipment, and crew scheduling.


Director of Professional Development

Carlo, Isabella

The Director of Professional Development (DPD) is responsible for ensuring that MIT EMS provides high-quality care to its patients, and includes overseeing training, drills, run reviews, and continuing education classes.


General Officers

Class Officers

Barker, Dana

Sedgwick, Mia

The Class Officers are responsible for organizing and running the annual EMT-B class held during fall and spring semesters and acting as the head Teaching Assistants. In addition, the Class Officers work with the Community Relations Officer(s) to advertise and generate interest for the class.


Community Relations Officers

Lewis, Jeryl

Sloane, Charles

The Community Relations Officers are responsible for the outreach to the MIT community through advertising, networking with members of the administration, and holding special events. In addition, the Community Relations Officers work with the HeartSafe Officer(s) to coordinate the MassCPR event held every Spring.


Equipment Officers

Lian, Julianna

Santra, Laboni

The Equipment Officers are responsible for the condition and stocking of ambulance medical equipment as well as the standby bags. The Equipment Officers, in conjunction with the Director of Ambulance Operations, are responsible for ordering needed equipment.


Financial Officer

Ren, Greycen

The Financial Officer is responsible for maintaining the financial viability of MIT EMS. This includes but is not limited to maintaining responsible stewardship over the MIT EMS accounts, requesting ASA funding, and obtaining funding for events and purchases.


HeartSafe Officers

Luca, Izzy

Tigenoah, Meryl

The HeartSafe Officers are responsible for increasing awareness within both MIT EMS and the larger MIT community of cardiac-related medical emergencies. The HeartSafe Officers are also responsible for coordinating CPR courses for members of MIT EMS and the greater MIT community, and for working with the Community Relations Officer(s) to coordinate MassCPR every Spring.


DEI & Wellness Officer

Oladipo, Morayo

The DEI & Wellness Officer is responsible for advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellness in the service. The DEI & Wellness Officer is also responsible for serving as an additional point of contact for first responder mental health and wellness resources and ensure access to such resources.


Maintenance Officers

FitzGerald, Forrest

Lam, Judson

The Maintenance Officers are responsible for scheduling routine maintenance of the ambulance.


Scheduling Officers

Chao, Mia

Ma, Larissa

The Scheduling Officers are responsible for ensuring that the MIT ambulance is fully staffed whenever it is in service.


Social Officers

Faber, Daphne

Harbaugh, Ethan

The Social Officers are responsible for maintaining the morale of the service by organizing and running social events.


Stop the Bleed Officers

Liu, Sabrina

Schipper, Abigail

The Stop the Bleed Officers are responsible for increasing awareness within the MIT community of bleeding-related medical emergencies. The Stop the Bleed Officers are also responsible for promoting campus readiness through maintaining Stop the Bleed kits as well as coordinating Stop the Bleed classes.


System Adminstrator Officer

Oluigbo, David

The System Administrator Officer is responsible for maintaining the MIT EMS website and database as well as supporting other officers with various technical needs. The System Administrator Officer is also responsible for ensuring that all members of MIT EMS have the proper paperwork and certifications on file to legally work as an EMT.


Training Officers

Chakladar, Sundeep

Park, Edward

The Training Officers are responsible for coordinating monthly training drills and other continuing education programs for members of the service.


Administrative Staff

Technical Advisor

Barber, David

The Technical Advisor provides technical guidance for MIT EMS.


Administrative Director

Blake, Suzanne

The Administrative Director is a staff member of MIT Emergency Management and provides administrative oversight of MIT EMS.